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At God's Goodness Specialty Foods and Sauces we create hot sauces that are full of flavor and have plenty of heat.  We use Ghost Chilies and other big flavors to create that perfect balance between your desire for heat and big taste.  We also offer a fiery hard candy and 2 kinds of peanuts--Ghost Nuts, for the spice lovers, and Smoked Nuts for those that don't care for heat.  We invite you to try them all!

We also would like to announce that we are at the Sunnyside Farmer's Market!  This means you can buy your stuff face to face with us, without paying for shipping.  It also means that you can try our stuff, before you buy it.  So please, come check us out!  www.sunnysidefarmersmarket.com

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Thank you for shopping with us and have a fiery day!

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